Events and Activities

DOST-ICTO Recently Concluded National Capability Development Summit

Tagaytay City provided ICT Champions from Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon ICT Councils a respite from their campaign for ICT-BPM development in their respective cities. With the PHINMA Training Center as the venue for a DOST-ICTO sponsored capacity development forum, the cool, crisp and clean air of Tagaytay was a perfect setting for movers in the countryside to renew their enthusiasm and find ways to promote their locations & create strategies to attract ICT investments, optimize partnerships for sustainability of ICT council operations and exchange best practices for ICT development.
Running from Sept 4-6, 2014 the learning session was punctuated by lots of informal exchanges and a karaoke session to boot, where committed ICT Council volunteers picked the brains of partner organizations and resource persons from iBPAP, JLLL, MicroSoft, GDAP, Visaya KPO, Elance, Beyond Access, DigiBayanihan, ICTO’s eSociety among others.